Monday, April 10, 2017

Gatsby 3

Gatsby Chapter 3

This chapter starts off with Nick talking about the party going on. He assumes it Gatsby’s. Shortly after, Nick actually gets an invite to attend the party. This is odd, because Nick tells us that people were not invited, they just showed up. So, Nick went over. At the start, Nick was trying to talk to people and ask them where Gatsby was. To his surprise, no one even knew who Gatsby was. Shortly after, Nick runs into Jordan at the party. They start hearing rumours that he killed someone, and a lot of other things. So at this point, Gatsby seemed like an odd dude, and the whole things just seemed weird, considering no one knew who he was, and they made crazy accusations. Nick and Jordan then moved into the library just browsing, and meets an owl eyed man. They talk for a little, and then Nick and Jordan leave. Right after, Nick runs into a man who turns out to be Gatsby. They talk about the war for a little, and then he had to leave. Jordan then receives a private invitation to join Gastby. The rest of the chapter focuses on the party.

Gatsby 2

Gatsby Chapter 2:

The chapter starts in the Valley of Ashes. Nick gives us a description of the Valley of Ashes, which lies between the eggs and New York. Its described as a really dark and poor area, so I feel there can be some dark things that may happen here. Shortly after, there is a brief description of the eyes of Dr. Eckleburg. Does not seem to important, but I feel eyes have a bigger meaning in this book, because they are on the cover as well.
After, we meet Tom’s mistress. A girl named Myrtle. Myrtle is the wife of a man named George. George doesn't realize anything between the two, so he lets Myrtle go with him to the city. The rest of this chapter, is basically a party. Once they get to the city, they just party and Nick explains that this was only the second time he been drunk, and does not remember too much.

Friday, March 17, 2017


 Chapter 24:
This was a chapter, that ended the story well. Ruth finally visits the New Born after so many years. I think it was important for her to come back. This church represented a lot to her, more than just a church. I feel it reminded her of James, and others. For her to finally come back, was great, and was a good way to end the novel.

The epilogue, showed a theme I feel the book had been building. Ruth finally comes back to where she started, and makes peace with everything. Showing a theme, that eventually, one has to face their demons.

Overall: I really enjoyed this book! It was interesting to see James and Ruth’s story unfold. It showed me a lot about this time, while focusing on how two people brought themselves up from nothing. 


 Chapter 21:
This was a sad chapter. Ruth is talking about the aftermath of her leaving her family, and the consequences of marrying an african american. The big part of this chapter comes, when Ruth finds out her mom is sick. She tries to visit, but her blood family won't let her, due to how she married an African American. Days later, she finds out she died. I really felt for Ruth here. Sure, she forgot about her time there, but it still was her mom. The fact that they would not let her go see her, is horrible and wrong.

Chapter 22:
This was an uplifting chapter following James. James tried to find out about his mom's past, but while doing so, he also finds himself in a way. He accepts his identity. He realizes Judaism is in him, just as much as being black. I really liked this. It has been a good lead up to this moment, and am glad James has finally found himself.

Chapter 23:
This chapter followed Ruth and was interesting. Had a bunch of different emotions. We learn more about James’s father, Dennis. We hear stories about how Ruth and him had a lot of tough times, but still truly loved each other. The story takes a halt, when we hear about his passing. I knew it was coming, but it still hit me hard. Seeing how it affected Ruth, just was sad.


18 Lost In Delaware

This chapter, James and his family were realizing that it was too expensive for them to stay living in new York. A friend told Ruth that they would do fine in Delaware. She changed her mind on and on, but they ended up moving to Delaware. Nobody really liked it there, and there was no real good way of transportation like they had in New York. A plus though about Delaware, is that James found his new love in Jazz, and then ended up going on a trip for music, and then went all the way to college for it. I thought that was so awesome, that after all he went through, he finally had found happiness, and was pretty successful at it also.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gatsby Observation

There seems to be something floating in the eyes of the painting
The face seems to have a city in it
There seems to be like a tear falling from the eye
He is overwhelmed by the city, or the city is overwhelmed by him
Why is there a tear
Probably because the city id going crazy, but he is sad inside

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


15 Graduation

This chapter was about how when she was still staying with her Grandmother. And the school that she was attending, she did not like, and was too much of a challenge for her. With that, she moved back to her old school. With going back to her old school, she encountered a lot of boy problems. Peter who she had past relationships with, told her that he still had feelings for her, but then she found out he got a girl pregnant and was about to marry her. That to me made me feel very badly for her, because as soon as she gets back home, she probably felt good that he still was in love with her, and then she found out it was a fluke, so I felt really badly for Ruth when I read that.

16 Driving

Chapter 16 to me was a good break through chapter for James. He saw that after his mom lost her last husband, she started driving even though that was like her biggest fear. Not only was she driving, she was driving like a wild women. She had a few close calls and then called it quits. To me I feel like he saw a sense of chicken man in her, and she was grieving the wrong way, and could of screwed her life up, or maybe someone elses up. So I think that was the end of the chicken man era for both of them.

17 Lost In Harlem

In this chapter Ruth was still living with her grandmother. She was also working for her aunt in a leather factory, the main thing was bad though, because she just was so fed up with her aunt treating her so poorly. So now she was out of a job, but she really needed one. She was looking pretty much everywhere, and found a nail salon and started working there. But the manager like gave her everything she needed, she even rented her an apartment. To me that was weird when i read that, and sure enough it was weird, he wanted her to become a prostitute. She asked James's dad who she met at the factory about Rocky and he said to get away from him because he was bad business. Its sad, because everything something good starts to happen for Ruth, it always falls through and crashes.